December 6, 2023

On Tuesday night, Declan Rice prevented Arsenal from losing.


In the final moments of Tuesday’s match, the England international gave the Reds the most dramatic of victories over Luton. Needless to say, Arsenal supporters all around the nation were ecstatic.


Despite broadcasting during the game, Ian Wright was as always showing off his emotions. In a video released by Optus Sport, Wright can be seen celebrating Rice’s goal and giggling at James Maddison’s remarks.


In fact, Wright was reading Maddison’s remarks this week about how much he detests the fact that Rice is an Arsenal player when the £40 million player himself scored a goal.

Wright ecstatic following Maddison’s remarks

When Rice scored, Wright’s response was flawless.


“Observe. James Maddison, look at what I was just staring at: “I detest that he plays for Arsenal.” Wright remarked, “Hahaha, and then Declan Rice scores.”


destined to occur

Even though we don’t think superstitions and jynxes exist in football, Maddison’s remarks this week made this moment feel somewhat inevitable.


As rival players, Rice and Maddison are such big names for their respective north London clubs, it seems like whenever a rival player talks about an opponent, they show up and make something happen.


Maddison was not a fan of Rice being at Arsenal prior to Wednesday, and he will be even more devastated now that the Gunners have taken a significant lead over Tottenham in the Premier League and are continuing to pull away in the title race.


For Arsenal, Rice is beginning to perform in pivotal moments now, and that is what you want from a player you have invested £105 million in.


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