December 8, 2023

Jamie O’Hara was not at all pleased with Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 loss to West Ham United last night.


The team led by Ange Postecoglou ended up losing despite having the upper hand in each of their previous five games. That infuriated O’Hara about Spurs.


Tottenham West Ham Jamie O’Hara

Jamie O’Hara responds to West Ham’s victory over Tottenham

Although Tottenham had lost their previous four games heading into their encounter with West Ham last night, there was some hope among the supporters that they would turn things around.


Cristian Romero, who is back for the North Londoners, gave them the lead with an excellent header from a corner to cap off an excellent first half.


Tottenham appeared to have everything under control, but as they did against Aston Villa, they threw it all away. O’Hara was furious with the outcome.


“I know the squad is thin, I know it aint great, but come on, I mean, they are still a good team out there,” he stated on talkSPORT. You are unbeatable, and West Ham cannot defeat you. I apologize, but you can’t.


To the shock of Dean Saunders and Jason Cundy, who both referred to West Ham as a “good” team, O’Hara shot back, “Are you winding me up, lads?


Yes, they are a strong team, but you have to win that match. As a manager, as a Tottenham player, and as a supporter, you know that you can’t lose the game against West Ham even though we’ve only gained one point out of the last four.


“We have the upper hand in this fight; you can’t win. Tonight in the final third, we were lacking in quality.



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West Ham is a fantastic team.

Jamie O’Hara may have made remarks, but West Ham deserves a great deal of praise for their performance last night.


Although their goals were the result of Spurs’ errors, Jarrod Bowen and James Ward-Prowse still had to take advantage of their opportunities, which they did successfully.


West Ham is an excellent team. They are only three points behind Tottenham in the Premier League, so they could easily challenge for a top seven finish this year. They won the Conference League at the end of the previous season.


For their part, the Spurs must recover quickly, but it won’t be easy. They play Newcastle United next, which should be a very tough match.


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