December 8, 2023

Jurgen Klinsmann of all people could ruin Tottenham’s season.


In north London, the German goal scorer from the 1990s will always be revered for his heroics, but in January, the hero will turn villain.


Unfortunately for Tottenham, Klinsmann is now the manager of South Korea, and with the Asian Cup starting in January, the German will be taking Heung-Min Son, one of Spurs’ most important players, out of the team for an extended period of time in January and possibly even into February.


After discussing this issue on ESPN, Klinsmann quickly apologized to his former team for what he was going to do.


West Ham United at Tottenham Hotspur – Premier League


Klinsmann expresses regret for removing Son.

The manager mentioned that Son needed to leave Tottenham.


“How could you do that to your former team? Judge Klisnman is going to ruin everything in January and he’s going to take South Korea’s best player to the Asian Cup.” Someone asked Klinsmann.


“I apologize deeply, but the Asian Cup must be won by someone. Unfortunately, the competition begins early in January, so he will be gone from Spurs for more than five weeks—from January 2 until, ideally, the final on February 10. The same is true for the other European players who will participate in that competition, according to Klinsmann.


Sad irony

The fact that Klinsmann is having such a significant influence on Spurs’ season is a very painful irony.


This man may be dooming Tottenham to failure, but thirty years ago he was the one keeping them afloat.


Without a doubt, Son is one of Spurs’ most vital players, and the team’s chances of winning could be severely compromised during this five-week absence.


Spurs may have a difficult month in January.

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