December 9, 2023

Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, responded angrily when informed that his team had played well against West Ham the previous evening.


Yesterday’s loss was Spurs’ fourth in the last five games. The Hammers won three points thanks to goals from Jarrod Bowen and James Ward-Prowse, but many thought Tottenham should have won because of how well they performed. Postecoglou refused to accept that.


Spurs’ Ange Postecoglou


After Tottenham’s loss to West Ham, Ange Postecoglou responds angrily

Spurs’ football has improved greatly under Ange Postecoglou’s leadership.


They constantly try to attack first and haven’t shied away from playing their style of play, even when facing the Premier League’s bigger teams.


Spurs lost the game last night despite once again playing the better football due to two costly mistakes made at the back. Additionally, this is not the first time that has occurred this season.


Postecoglou was incensed when it was brought up in an interview following the game, even though Tottenham is still praised for their style of play.


Postecoglou interrupted Paul Miles when he said that Tottenham had played excellent football in the first half, saying on SpursPlay, “We weren’t good, we have to get away from that.” That is not what I think. That contributes to the issue.


We’re playing good football, everyone says. Playing good football entails winning games, and my goal is to win, not play good football. The players have received this message loud and clear from the beginning: we play this style of football to win games and build this football club, not to get pats on the back.


“You must accept that. Though I’m not suggesting it’s simple, that’s where we should be.


Spurs’ Ange Postecoglou


Postecoglou’s response was flawless.

It’s all well and good to play visually striking football, but what good is it if it doesn’t translate into wins?


Postecoglou was understandably furious about last night’s outcome. Spurs have only scored one point thus far out of a possible fifteen, and that is just insufficient.


Tottenham has now fallen out of the top four spots in the Premier League standings, and they will now trail other teams if they don’t start winning games.


While it will be interesting to see how Postecoglou’s team responds, they have another extremely tough test coming up against Eddie Howe’s Newcastle United.

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