December 10, 2023

While serving for his country, Mikey Moore, a promising young player for Tottenham, sustained a calf injury.


John Wenham, a Spurs expert, verified this last week when he stated that the academy team will greatly miss the “star player.”


He said that Moore’s departure was like the first team losing James Maddison.


The player has a high Grade 2 or Grade 3 tear, and according to injury specialist Dr. Rajpal Brar, he will not be making a comeback this year.


He further promised that since the other club would be fully aware of his condition, this would not interfere with any possible January loan arrangement.


He stated to Tottenham News:


This sounds like a severe calf injury, either Grade 2 or Grade 3.


“The recovery period is approximately six weeks, so he won’t return this year, but it really depends on how he handles rehabilitation. Calf injuries can be very picky, particularly if they affect specific areas of the calf.


“There shouldn’t be any issues unless there’s an unforeseen circumstance, as the other team would be fully aware of the situation if Spurs were to loan him out in January.”


Having only played seven games for the U18s this season, the 16-year-old forward has already scored eight goals and provided five assists, making him one of the most gifted players in Tottenham’s academy.Given that it will disrupt his excellent performance in the youth ranks, his injury is a blow to the club as well as to him.

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