December 12, 2023

In response to rumors that Tottenham Hotspur may be interested in midfielder Conor Gallagher, should Chelsea decide to sell him during the January transfer window, Jamie O’Hara has responded.


Speaking on talkSPORT (broadcast on 12/12; 9:43), O’Hara addressed rumors that surfaced this week suggesting the Blues might let the England international go if he refuses to sign a new deal at Stamford Bridge.


Under Mauricio Pochettino, Conor Gallagher has played a regular role this season. He hasn’t missed a Premier League match since he was suspended for this month’s trip to Manchester United.


Jamie O’Hara responds as Conor Gallagher is being eyed by Tottenham

His future at Chelsea now seems to be more than just a question mark, though. According to The Daily Mail, his deal ends at the conclusion of the following season. Furthermore, there aren’t many indications right now that he will sign an extension.


As a result, the team might try to make money in January. Additionally, according to the Daily Mail, Tottenham may rekindle their interest in the 23-year-old.


It’s obvious that Jamie O’Hara wants Gallagher to sign with Tottenham. He is not, however, persuaded that Spurs will close the deal.


He said to talkSPORT, “Listen, I really like Conor Gallagher. I think he’s got brilliant energy, high energy, and he gets around the pitch.”


He doesn’t have quite the same star quality as [James] Maddison, but he has energy, and Ange Postecoglou’s side shows that he enjoys someone who is high on energy and a little bit fit.


To be honest, I’d be shocked if Chelsea let him go because I believe he’s played a significant role in their team this year.


Cole Palmer and Raheem Sterling are the only two of their halfway decent performers who have truly contributed anything positive to the team.


“We’ll take him if they want to, but I’d be surprised if they let him go.”


Chelsea-related news shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore.

To start, when it comes to Chelsea and the transfer window, all bets seem to be off. In the past few years, they have presided over a number of noteworthy changes. So, it doesn’t seem all that unlikely to let Gallagher go at this point.


However, it’s obvious that Chelsea supporters would be alarmed if Gallagher was let to go. Throughout their season, he has been one of the few possible bright spots. He also holds an academy degree.


However, Ange Postecoglou’s team should seize the chance if it arises for Tottenham, as he could be a fantastic addition to their lineup.

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