December 16, 2023

Eddie Howe’s relationship with Newcastle United may end after the club’s challenging 2023–24 season.

Newcastle United and Eddie Howe may part ways if they are unable to turn around what has thus far been a disappointing 2023–24 campaign, according to Football Insider.


The Magpies are the richest team in sports, and after placing in the top four of the Premier League the previous year and earning a position in the UEFA Champions League this season, they seemed to be headed for great things.


Although they have experienced thrilling victories over Manchester United, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain, their lack of consistency has now caught up with them.



Newcastle was eliminated from Europe after finishing last in their Champions League group, and their dismal run of play has eliminated them from contention for a second straight top-four finish. Although the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup quarterfinals are still to come, the team has fallen short in the two major competitions.


Although Howe deserves recognition for the fantastic work he has done at St. James Park, the outcomes ultimately speak for themselves. Howe has fallen short of the required benchmark, which PIF set for the team in anticipation of continued competition in the European arena after the new year.


The owners are also unimpressed with the investigation carried out before to hiring Sandro Tonali, an international Italian player. Despite being a good player, the midfielder will play the entire season even if he was charged with gambling. There’s a good probability Howe will be held accountable for this season’s shortcomings unless things change on the field.


By all measures, Newcastle is ahead of schedule in terms of the club’s development. Though Howe should be commended for it, the Magpies’ hasty success could prove to be his downfall. It would be considered a step back to lose out on a top-four finish after what was accomplished the previous season.


This season still has a lot left to play, regardless of the Magpies’ choice of direction. Howe still has time to save the league season and maybe win a few trophies for himself. Undoubtedly, winning the club’s first significant trophy since the FA Cup in 1954–1955 will make him popular.

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