December 5, 2023

Chris Sutton is not happy with what he heard over the weekend regarding Ange Postecoglou’s strategies at Tottenham Hotspur.


The pundit discussed Tottenham’s Sunday 3-3 draw with Manchester City while speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live.


Spurs were lucky to go into halftime at the Etihad Stadium only 2-1 behind Son Heung-Min’s early goal after a wild first half.


Tottenham continues to try to play out of the back, and Ange Postecoglou has drawn some criticism for his style of play.


At halftime, the Australian made a small adjustment by substituting Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg for Bryan Gil, which caused Dejan Kulusevski to miss wide.


Spurs were rewarded for their efforts when Kulusevski and Giovani Lo Celso scored goals to earn them a point on the road.


Spurs vs. Manchester City in the Premier League


In the second half, though, Postecoglou continued to play the same way. Rather than backing down, the former Celtic player pushed his Tottenham teammates to play with greater conviction.


After Sunday’s match, Kulusevski did indeed disclose that the Spurs manager was upset with his team at halftime and instructed them to play with greater conviction.


Furthermore, Chris Sutton vehemently disputes the critiques leveled at Postecoglou during Sunday’s game.


Sutton is not happy about what he has heard about Tottenham’s Postecoglou.


Sutton refuted suggestions that Postecoglou was “naive” in his approach to the City game in an appearance on The Monday Night Club.


Given the success his attacking style has brought him as a manager, the pundit thinks the Spurs manager has every right to continue using it.


“Overall, I heard a lot of things yesterday criticizing Postecoglou and how the Spurs were gullible and would be caught off guard and how they needed to adjust and change their style of play before the game,” Sutton remarked.


Postecoglou has different views about football. I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: why in the world would he alter his formula if he has 26 years of successful management experience using it?


It is only this season that he has managed in the Premier League. However, it suits him. His convictions serve him well.


“Why, once the formula works, is he going to adjust and do something different?”


Sutton raises an excellent point regarding Postecoglou’s steadfast dedication to playing an offensive style of football.


The Australian has been successful everywhere he has gone because he instills courage and determination in his players. Additionally, he’s had a great start to life at Tottenham.


It’s also crucial to note that Postecoglou has performed well for Tottenham this season in a number of pivotal games.


Spurs have drawn at Arsenal and City and defeated both Manchester United and Liverpool at home.


Spurs supporters are undoubtedly on the edge of their seats thanks to Postecoglou’s football style, but their early-season performance suggests his strategy is effective.


Before a number of important players were forced to miss time due to injuries or suspensions, Spurs had never experienced a Premier League loss. However, Tottenham’s situation is beginning to improve once more as they prepare to play West Ham on Thursday and will be glad to have Cristian Romero back.

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