December 5, 2023

Since leaving Tottenham, Etienne Capoue has had quite the career.


Although he wasn’t always the most noteworthy player in the Premier League, the French midfielder has since established himself as a key member of Villarreal’s recent winning squad.


Troy Deeney, in an interview with the Football Firsts Podcast, claims that despite playing for The Yellow Submarine in both a Europa League final and a Champions League semi-final, he has always had that potential.


Capoue shocked the Watford staff during his medical with The Hornets, according to Deeney. However, Jermain Defoe was taken aback by this and stated that he must have been playing with the handbrake on because he hardly perspired while at Tottenham.



Spurs did not see Capoue run.

Defoe commented on the £9 million midfield player.


“They put Capoue on that heart thing and the VO2 thing when he signed from Tottenham, and he almost completed it—he was an animal,” Deeney remarked.


How come? How come? I never saw that, so he must have been chilling because he didn’t run at Tottenham, Defoe said.


“He could have been a top player if he wanted to,” Deeney said in closing.

Unusual Capoue is an extremely unusual player to think back on.


He’s proven to be a good player at Villarreal, and he also displayed promise at Watford, but something just didn’t seem to click for him at Tottenham, did it?


To be fair, every player finds the first few years of acclimating to English football difficult, but Deeney’s criticism of him only serves to highlight how much more he could have accomplished while at Spurs.


Capoue was a fantastic player by all accounts, but he never reached his full potential while playing for Tottenham.


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