December 6, 2023

Following the release of additional information regarding Harry Kane’s trade to Bayern Munich, Dan Plumley has maintained that Daniel Levy approved yet another round of “lovely” Tottenham transactions.


On November 20, Abend Zeitung said that Bayern had agreed to play two friendlies against Spurs, with all proceeds going to the latter. The exact dates and locations of the matches are still pending.


The financial expert acknowledged that it is also not surprising to learn these details, given that Levy is well-known for being an adept negotiator in the football community.



He exclusively told Tottenham News that the exchange was a “lovely little bit of shrewd business within a negotiation.”


The Spurs’ selection is not shocking, as we are aware of Daniel Levy’s abilities as a negotiator.



“It’s just a bonus all around. When we find out more information, I’m sure these high-profile friendlies will take place all over the world, but it’s a good little business for Spurs to build that in.”




“It would be better for them to get as much out of the deal as possible if they were going to lose Harry Kane.”


Plumley has also examined how Spurs have surpassed Manchester United in other Tottenham news.

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