December 7, 2023

When Pep Guardiola ultimately decides to end his tenure at the Etihad Stadium, former Sunderland midfielder Michael Bridges thinks Manchester City will turn to Ange Postecoglou.


It appears that Guardiola and Postecoglou have similar footballing philosophies, as the Spaniard expressed his admiration for the Australian coach prior to Sunday’s match.


He acknowledged that he likes to watch the Spurs play and said that Postecoglou improves “football as a game” (Reuters).


Following the 3-3 draw, Postecoglou paid it forward by complimenting his opponent on the type of team he has assembled in Manchester (Football.London).


Will Man City eventually make a move to sign Ange Postecoglou?

Bridges noted that because the Tottenham manager was employed by the City Group at Yokohama Marinos, one of their teams, they would be well aware of the manager’s abilities.


The pundit hinted that they would be keeping a close eye on the 58-year-old’s progress with Spurs and considering the possibility of signing him to the Manchester team in the future.


“Ange Postecoglou was part of the City Group with the Marinos, obviously went to Celtic, but the City Group has seen what he’s all about,” Bridges said on The Optus Sport Football Podcast.


“I believe that they are keeping an eye on him during this Premier League season, and the outcome will solidify the transfer. When Pep Guardiola determines that Manchester United needs more time

According to Bridges, the City Group will be aware of the Tottenham They’re probably keeping an eye on him this Premier League season, and the outcome will solidify the move. Postecoglou will manage Manchester City when Pep Guardiola determines that enough is enough.


“There you have it. Just keep that in mind. Keep this one in mind for a year or two. Everything is OK.


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