December 19, 2023

The reasoning behind this year’s cancellation of Newcastle United’s Christmas party has been provided by Eddie Howe.

After suffering sadness after being eliminated from the Champions League, Newcastle is coming off a significant victory over Fulham.


The Magpies have a tough schedule leading up to Christmas, starting tomorrow when they play Chelsea in the Carabao Cup quarterfinal.


Sixth-placed Newcastle in the Premier League rankings will next play Luton Town on December 23 to start their league season, and on Boxing Day, they will visit Nottingham Forest.


Howe, citing a busy schedule, has decided to cancel this year’s Christmas party ahead of Newcastle’s fixtures in two tournaments.

“Christmas get-together? Cosplaying as superheroes? I sincerely hope not. I have no idea if they are,” he stated through the Mirror. “I hope we have too busy a schedule and too many games for a celebration like that.


“We are eager for the competition and the games. We want the thrill of competing to win awards. Not only today, but in the future as well, that is where we need to be. I’m looking forward to January since it sounds like a lot of fun and a nice month.”


Newcastle United celebrates defeating Fulham with a goal.





Howe’s team was defeated by Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United at Wembley Stadium, the Carabao Cup finalists from the previous season.

The 46-year-old continued, “The dream didn’t turn into reality, but maybe this year.”


He leads his team into Stamford Bridge having endured tough draws in the Champions League and Carabao Cup, as well as the absence of some important players due to injury and suspension.


However, the Newcastle manager sees the bright side of their current circumstance.

If something is simple, is it really fun? We’ve been forced out of our comfort zone and into the hardest cup draws,” he remarked. It’s helped us get better. It’s advantageous. We are being forced to keep getting better because we need to play those games in order to become the team we want to be in the long run.”

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