December 9, 2023

This BBC Sport pundit made some insightful remarks about Newcastle United.


Speaking following Newcastle United’s defeat at Everton, Chris Sutton said that Spurs would be their next opponent away.


Newcastle United’s eighth away game of the Premier League season.


Chris Sutton was spot-on with his logic, highlighting to BBC Sport the pertinent circumstances involving the two clubs.


Interview with Chris Sutton by BBC Sport:


After obtaining just one point from the previous five games, Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou needs a win.


However, we already know that he will continue to play in the same manner, so anything is possible.


Newcastle has only won one league game on the road this season, which has not helped their away performance, but they also have no plans to alter their strategy.


“Neither team will just try to shut up shop, even though both are missing some important players due to injuries.


“I think there will be a lot of goals and a really open match with both teams going for it.


“Thought: Tottenham 3, Newcastle 3.”


When it comes to his remarks about Spurs and Newcastle United, the BBC Sport man is, I believe, mostly accurate.


Tottenham had a lot of preseason hype, but they have only won one of their last fifteen games, and that’s even after taking the lead in all five matches.


Whilst the BBC Sport man is absolutely correct that Newcastle need to improve their away record, the same can be said with Spurs and their home form.


They have the worst home form of all the top eight in the table and have lost their last three on home turf.


Whilst I can’t see any chance of it ending in a goalless draw, Chris Sutton’s predicting Spurs to score three doesn’t match their home form this season. Only one team in the top 12 has scored fewer goals at home and Spurs haven’t scored three times in any home PL game this season.


Whilst I don’t think Spurs are a poor team, I do think that if Newcastle can play as they did against Chelsea, PSG and Man U, then this game is there to be won. It was very uncharacteristic mistakes by Trippier and Newcastle that gifted the game to Everton late on, something that Eddie Howe will have drilled into them, it can’t be repeated.


Obviously a player or two returning from the missing list wouldn’t do Newcastle United any harm either…

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