December 12, 2023

Dr Rajpal Brar states that in the worst situation, Rodrigo Bentancur of Tottenham Hotspur might need surgery to recover from an ankle injury.


Although the injury expert says that nothing points to a more serious issue, setbacks are always possible.


The international player for Uruguay is out until the end of January, but this could be a longer-term injury.



Dr. Brar, a physical therapist and sports scientist, exclusively spoke with Tottenham News about the current state of play with Bentancur. He stated: “Setbacks are always possible, whether it’s a mild, moderate, or severe injury.”


Football players may experience ankle injuries due to the strain that is placed on the joint.

The worst case would be if his recovery wasn’t going well and he ended up needing surgery to stabilize the area.


“This might even mean he’s out until after January, but there’s currently no evidence to support that.”


Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s injury report for this season will surely not please manager Ange Postecoglou.


Bentancur has been sidelined for two months due to an injury that has prevented him from playing in the majority of the games this season.


This term, the Lilywhites have been led by Pape Matar Sarr in the middle of the park while he is away.


When and how well he returns to the Spurs is still up in the air, but Postecoglou will undoubtedly be depending on him.

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