December 12, 2023

This week, an article about Cristian Romero, a defender for Tottenham Hotspur, has been making the rounds in the Argentine press.


ESPN, which is releasing a documentary on the anniversary of Argentina’s World Cup victory, has that information.


Emiliano Martinez’s lengthy interviews are now being made available to the public, and the Tottenham player was among the stories he was required to share.


The goalkeeper expressed his displeasure with Romero at the time, recalling that he felt the Spurs player should have been sent off in the championship match against France.


I am aware of Cuti’s weakness because I recall him going up against Mbappé with both feet in the championship match against France. Everything about the ball he grabbed. Martinez recalled, “At halftime, I grabbed him by the shirt and threatened to mess you up after the game if they threw you out.”


I have to tell Cuti to stop hitting, please. I constantly grab Cuti in that sense when he plays, right on the edge of red.

The Aston Villa player also shared a humorous anecdote about Romero kicking him following an impressive save.


Everyone gave me hugs, and Cuti gave me one of his signature kicks to the ribs. His love is hitting like that. That’s where my World Cup journey started; at that point, I thought it didn’t matter if we won 7–5 or not.


Argentina’s World Cup victory is still fresh in the memory, and ESPN is doing a fantastic job of unearthing forgotten campaign tales.


Participating in every national team game of the competition, the Tottenham player became one of the faces of an iconic victory. It’s highly likely that ESPN will appear shortly with some of his quotes as well.

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