December 12, 2023

Although there are many positive aspects of Tottenham this season, even the most ardent supporter will acknowledge that at times the accolades have been a little excessive.


In spite of the fact that we adore what Ange Postecoglou has accomplished at Spurs, he isn’t truly being regarded as a miracle worker in north London.


In actuality, Tottenham is currently fifth in the league and has only won one of their last six league games, so they are not exactly in great form.


Speaking on BBC 606, Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage got into an argument regarding Spurs. Sutton asserted that many supporters are envious of what’s going on at Tottenham, but Savage strongly disagreed.

Savage and Sutton discuss how people view Tottenham.

The two commentators disagreed about what other supporters thought of Tottenham.


“I can’t believe how much jealousy there is for the Spurs this season; people want to kick Spurs because of the excitement,” Sutton remarked.


How come? Is Arsenal envious of Tottenham? What topic are you discussing? Is Arsenal envious of Tottenham? You idiot, what are you talking about? Are Liverpool supporters envious of Spurs? “What a stupid remark that is,” remarked Savage.


Chris claims that other teams are envious of Spurs, so are supporters of Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Aston Villa envious of Spurs as well? How foolish it was to say that.


Feeling envious?

Although everyone in the game admires what Tottenham has accomplished this season, it might be a bit much to label it jealousy.


In all likelihood, only two of the Big Six would currently trade places with Spurs, and to be honest, that doesn’t really say much. These teams are Manchester United and Chelsea.


Even though Manchester City and Arsenal are two very entertaining teams, it’s difficult to imagine their fan bases longing for their team to be more like Tottenham. Tottenham is still a long way from those teams.



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