December 13, 2023

Jamie O’Hara is frustrated with Cristian Romero’s lack of self-control and believes the Argentinean will never stop taking risks in his challenges.


Romero was sent off for his tackle on Enzo Fernandez last month and was only recently back from a three-game suspension. In his first game back, the center back nearly made the same error.


The 25-year-old made a nasty challenge on Callum Wilson in the 80th minute as Spurs were easily winning against Newcastle. His studs caught the Magpies striker in the ankle.


Thank goodness, Referee Chris Kavanagh chose to show a yellow card rather than a red one to Tottenham and the defender.


Romero was fortunate to avoid being sent off, according to a number of pundits, including Jamie Redknapp, Michael Dawson, and Gary Neville. The latter even questioned the role the Argentine is playing as the club’s vice captain. (Sky Sports via The Mirror).



O’Hara anticipates Cristian Romero committing another offense.

Romero is starting to pose a problem for Ange Postecoglou, according to O’Hara, who doesn’t think the center back has what it takes to change his ways.


Regarding the tackle, the former Spurs midfielder said to talkSPORT on December 12, 9:40 a.m.: “I just don’t understand what goes through his head; he’s a fantastic player, a world-class player.”


And I know he plays on the edge, there are players who play on the edge all the time. You’ve just come back from a three-game suspension.


“If he gets sent off he gets four games, so I just think he needs to learn to be able to [stop] but I just don’t think he can. I think it’s just in him as a player and the way he tackles is so aggressive.


“He is a problem for us but the players back him and he does play on the edge and he is brilliant when he’s on the pitch. The problem is he doesn’t spend enough time on it.”

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