December 15, 2023

A number of Dallas Cowboys players are suffering from illnesses this week as the team gets ready to play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Last week, during the Cowboys’ crucial victory over the Philadelphia Eagles to take the lead in the NFC East, star pass rusher Micah Parsons battled the flu.


The NFC top seed and a bye are up for grabs for the Cowboys, Eagles, and 49ers of San Francisco. From this point until Week 18, every game matters for their postseason standing.


A few players for the Dallas Cowboys are battling illnesses.

However, injuries prevented cornerback Stephon Gilmore, receiver Jalen Tolbert, and receiver Brandin Cooks from practicing on Thursday. Cooks had a partial rest day on Wednesday by skipping team practice, and Gilmore did not practice as part of a load management rest day.


In Week 15, a rash of ailments is plaguing the Cowboys locker room. It is reasonable to assume that more Cowboys players will experience illnesses in the near future, given the contagious nature of illnesses like the flu Parsons had.

Despite having the flu, Parsons was still able to perform well in the game against the Eagles. He had a sack and two tackles in the end. Will it be possible for the remaining ailing Cowboys to play similarly?

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