December 13, 2023

Tottenham has benefited greatly over the years from the astute ownership of one of English football’s greatest minds, Daniel Levy.


On Wednesday, December 13, Spurs announced that they had obtained planning approval for a new 180-room hotel to be built south of the stadium complex.


In order for the club to continue collaborating with Haringey Council on a more comprehensive “masterplan” for the neighborhood, this permission is subject to referral to the Mayor of London.




With 49 of the 180 rooms in the hotel being residential apartments, it will have 30 stories. More information about the hotel’s developments is anticipated soon.


There are very few English football clubs that have hotels located within their stadiums.


According to information provided by HotelFollower, those clubs are Norwich, MK Dons, Bolton, Blackpool, and Coventry. Spurs may be a sixth team, but they would be on their campus rather than in the stadium.





It is reasonable to assume that Spurs, along with the council, will benefit greatly from the hotel given that they are the ones who obtained the planning permission.


A two-night stay in a standard room at the Blackpool FC Hotel without a pitch view can run you anywhere from £185 to £378, while a room with a view can cost as much as £498 in January [].


Comparing what Tottenham could regularly make from the 131 rooms in the hotel to what that League One team, which has little success on the field, could earn is enormous.


If the average cost of these “Superior” rooms at Tottenham was £378–£498 [£438], selling 131 of them could generate £57,378 in revenue in a single weekend.




The average figure would rise significantly because prices in Tottenham would undoubtedly be higher than in Blackpool, and London would ensure that it did.


Levy is probably rubbing his hands together, but even though it’s difficult to estimate right now, you can bet that they will make millions of dollars over time.


Bolton, another League One club, charges from £192 to £293 for a two-night stay over a January weekend [], with the potential clear to see should this go ahead successfully.


The potential is clearly there to see if directly linked to the club, and Tottenham will be in line for a constant line of fresh windfall if they can pull off this new “masterplan.”


In other Tottenham news, Spurs should have cash the burn in January despite Ornstein’s update.



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