December 18, 2023

After seeing Tottenham Hotspur’s star player Dejan Kulusevski play against Nottingham Forest on Friday, pundit Gary Neville praised him.


At the City Ground on Friday night, Tottenham Hotspur defeated Nottingham Forest 2-0 to record another victory.


With his first goal of the game, Richarlison made it three goals in two games by heading in a cross from Dejan Kulusevski.


After the halftime, Kulusevski changed his role from goalkeeper for Forest to goal scorer, hammering home with his right foot following a mistake made by Matt Turner.


Spurs, who went five games without a win, have already won two in a row, suggesting that Ange Postecoglou has them back on track.


Gary Neville praises Dejan Kulusevski of Tottenham Hotspur

Kulusevski was the star of the show for Tottenham; he was amazing.


The Swede played more of a number 10 role this time around after shining in that capacity against Newcastle United the previous weekend.


We saw that with his goal involvements—that role seems to give Kulusevski the freedom to appear here, there, and everywhere.


Richarlison’s head was found by Kulusevski, who cut back on his left foot from a right-sided stance.


Following Turner’s mistake, Kulusevski scored twice down the right side, putting Forest out of the game.


Although we are familiar with Kulusevski as a right-sided winger, he is also impressing Gary Neville as a number ten.


Kulusevski’s assist for Richarlison, according to Neville, was a genuinely “world-class” moment on Sky Sports.


Neville went on to say that Kulusevski has been “brilliant” lately and that he has been “really surprised” by how well he has performed in the number 10 position.


Players who can genuinely grasp the number 10 role are “very rare,” according to the former Manchester United defender, and he thinks Kulusevski might be headed there.


Neville believes that if Kulusevski continues to perform well at number 10, he may potentially grow into a £100 million player for Tottenham.


Premier League game between Tottenham Hotspur and Nottingham Forest

“This is a really significant moment in the game; at this point, Forest was leading the game and Spurs were at their lowest point, and he creates a moment of world-class quality,” Neville remarked. “Those kinds of Something can abruptly alter the entire trajectory of a football game.


“He has excelled. He has truly astonished me, and I have enjoyed watching him in the role of number 10. Attacking midfielders, number 10s, and other players that play that position and take the ball in the back and accept it on the back foot are, in my opinion, extremely uncommon.


He has been playing that role and developing into one of the uncommon players over the past several weeks. It is not rare to see many players on the right side take the ball down the line, cut back, and whip it in with their left foot.


“The one he performed for Son, that’s quite the talent.”

He has some ability, and the one he performed for Son elevates him to a new level. You’re talking about a player who could be worth £50 million on the right side becoming someone that, if he can establish himself in the number 10 spot, could be really great, and you’re then pushing to be a player who could be worth £80 million to £100 million,” the man continued.


Kulusevski was only signed by Tottenham for £25 million this summer, but Neville thinks he may triple his worth in the upcoming months and years.


Given that James Maddison is expected to return in January, it is uncertain how long Kulusevski will remain in this capacity.


However, it’s important to remember that Kulusevski was dubbed the “new Kevin De Bruyne” in 2020 due to his eye-catching ability to breach defenses.


Even if Kulusevski still has a ways to go before he can play at De Bruyne’s level, Tottenham may have struck gold with the Swede’s development as an attacking midfielder.

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