January 6, 2024

Tottenham ‘ain’t winning nothing’ until they replace their 26-year-old, according to an ESPN commentator.Aleksandr Morton/Getty Images


According to ESPN commentator Steve Nicol, Richarlison isn’t a goal scorer, and if he leads the line, Tottenham won’t win anything.



Pedro Porro’s incredible goal yesterday gave Spurs a hard-fought victory over Burnley. Richarlison squandered chances to score one or two goals for himself.


Richarlison, Steve Nicol, Tottenham


ESPN analyst claims Richarlison of Tottenham isn’t a goal scorer.

Richarlison was acquired by Tottenham for £60 million from Everton eighteen months ago (Sky Sports).



The 26-year-old Brazilian was seen to be a fantastic fit for Spurs because of his versatility in the front three. In addition, Antonio Conte would have been interested in his work ethic at the time.



But Richarlison had an incredibly disappointing first season at Tottenham. Throughout the entire league season, he only managed one goal, leading many to consider him the season’s biggest bust.



Although Richarlison has been looking much better lately, Nicol has stated that he simply isn’t a goal scorer, and he didn’t have the best performance last night.



The expert even went so far as to claim that if Tottenham sticks with a player that has as low of a statistical profile as Richarlison, they would not win anything.



They lack a goal striker, he stated on ESPN FC. Who will put the ball in the back of the net, after all, was the question that lingered after Son left? Who will notice what he isn’t going to be able to provide? The fact is that Richarlison isn’t a goal scorer, therefore we don’t have an answer for that.



This evening’s game demonstrated that more than any other. The two (chances) we gave him on his left side in the first half were both quite feeble tries. He then fails to deliver a header.



As for Postecoglou, well, I suppose he is happy to go through tonight, but on the other hand, they ought to have made this simpler, and they would have if they had a goal scorer up front.



Richarlison has been scoring goals lately, so folks in the studio brought it up, to which Nicol responded, “But that’s the point, you’ve just said ‘he was.'” That’s Richarlison’s issue, you know, because it was barren before that brief spell he cast.



“He has a 1 in 4 record with Tottenham. If your centre forward is a one-in-four player, you aren’t winning anything at this point, especially because your two wide players aren’t actually there to score goals. Salah and Mane are not the same as they were a few years ago. Who will score given that Johnson and Kulusevski are involved?



Richarlison, Steve Nicol, Tottenham


Richarlison appears much better.

After having surgery to remove the nagging issue, Richarlison has transformed into a whole new player.



After five Premier League games, the Brazilian has scored five goals, and it appears that we will see the best of him.



Although Pedro Porro’s incredible goal last night left you saying ‘wow’, everyone on the pitch had a lacklustre performance up until that point.



It wouldn’t be right to write Richarlison out just yet because there’s a good chance he will start scoring goals for Tottenham in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.



Charlesison, Steve Nelson

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