January 6, 2024

In the next two weeks, Premier League teams will learn their current standing with regard to Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations; nevertheless, a source suggests Tottenham Hotspur should be spared any problems because of the sale of Harry Kane.


Premier League teams will be aiming to bolster their squads in an effort to change the trajectory of the title race and the relegation battle now that the January transfer window is open.


Rudu Dragusin appears to be Tottenham’s primary target for the centre defender position, since the club is believed to be in the market for a new player as soon as possible (Telegraph).


The Romanian centre back appears to be on the verge of signing the North London team, as Fabricio Romano has promised that personal terms have already been negotiated with the player and that confirmation would arrive “very soon.”


Is there a chance Spurs will break FFP regulations?


Clubs must take into account FFP laws as well as potential long-term effects of any transfer activity. If anyone needed a harsh reminder, the scenario at Everton, where the team has already been deducted ten points this season, has been the case.


As for the other teams and their anticipated positions, an article in The Times has now provided some insight. It suggests that Tottenham is concerned about facing any penalties.


However, the source claims that Spurs will have a significant cushion after selling Harry Kane last summer, which should let them pursue Dragusin’s signing without any major worries.


If a club is found to have violated FFP, at least in the simpler circumstances, they could anticipate receiving a decision by April, which could result in fines and points deducted for the current campaign.

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