January 13, 2024

Nottingham Forest’s transfer window may be somewhat quiet, but that doesn’t make it any less significant.


Since his hiring last month, Nuno Espirito Santo has been evaluating his team. The Portuguese head coach emphasized that everyone would start again as soon as he assumed his position. Prior to making “tough decisions” on the players’ fate, he intended to give them the runaround.


While cutting down on players is the top objective, the Reds are nonetheless eager to bolster some positions. Take a look at what Nuno has to say about transfers below.


Regarding deciding on a player’s future…

“We all need to acknowledge that we have a large team and that difficult choices will need to be made at some point. In order for us to make the best judgments for the team, we need to get to know them better at every practice and game.


Regarding a bloated team…

“That’s obvious. We must concentrate on the players in attendance for the time being. Our job is to try to provide every player an opportunity to get better.


“I really think each of them can get better on their own. We’ve seen players who are having success, so this will be a great opportunity for everyone. After that, it will be time to decide on the team and other matters. For the time being, we are focusing on how to incorporate all the necessary details to make them better so they can perform better for Forest.


Regarding the effect of AFCON absences…

It’s a serious matter. It’s something we need to be conscious of.


The most crucial thing is to hope they go and return healthy and safe. However, we must find a way. There are consequences, of course, if they travel a little bit farther. When they return, it might be in early February.


“We made an effort to plan ahead and anticipate because we knew it would happen. The onus now is to identify solutions.


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“They may be absent for some time, contingent on the performance of their national teams.” For that, we need to be prepared. We’ll figure something out, always assembling a potent starting lineup to match up well.



Regarding possible exits…

“No decisions are definitive. Ever since we got here, we have been working really hard. Although it is true that we want to cut down on the number of players on the team, we also want to raise the caliber of the group.


Any new player must help us out and offer something unique that we don’t already have. That’s what we do.


In football, there are no final judgments because anything can happen. While we are searching for resources, the players who are here are what really matter. It is up to us to advance, get better, and compete.


“If someone arrives, it’s to lend a hand and raise the standard. Furthermore, it is difficult to raise the quality; the real thing is required.


Regarding the attention being on the club’s finances…

“It’s outside noise that I have no control over. I am not even paying attention to such things.


“I have a very clear focus: developing the players and building a solid, competitive team. That’s the only concern I have. The individuals who are outside belong outdoors.

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