January 14, 2024

The first Leeds United loan dependent player to secure a permanent departure was Robin Koch, and it looks like there may be more soon.


Koch was eligible to negotiate with teams about a permanent transfer because his Leeds contract was set to expire in the summer, so he earlier this week signed a four-year contract with Eintracht Frankfurt.


The Bundesliga team was eager to recruit the 27-year-old as soon as possible because of his strong performance in the first half of the season.


Additionally, Diego Llorente, one of Koch’s previous center-back teammates, might be ready to follow him out the door permanently. There has been a new development since it was first reported earlier this week that PSG is interested in signing him this month.


Llorente’s representation have reportedly asked AS Roma to shorten his loan so that he can go to Paris, according to Foot Mercato.

Llorente is eager to join PSG.


Leeds is reportedly “not opposed” to these most recent events and would be willing to assist Llorente in obtaining a permanent transfer to another location.


Roma is not opposed to terminating his loan early, even though he has been a consistent starter under Jose Mourinho this season, as long as they can bring in a quality replacement this month.


As they look to replace the injured Milan Skriniar, PSG is rumoured to be willing to pay more than the clause fee in Roma’s contract in order to complete the transaction during this transfer window.


This is incredibly positive, if unexpected, news at Elland Road, as it is reportedly doubtful that Leeds will welcome back any of their army of loan players regardless of whether they get promoted this season.


Though it sounds like everyone is willing to make this Llorente deal happen, it will be interesting to see how it plays out over the following few days.


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