January 15, 2024

Liam Cooper has been an integral part of Leeds United’s success both on and off the pitch, but it now appears probable that he will depart the team at the end of the current campaign. According to Phil Hay, a “decision” has been taken.


Cooper, 32, will soon be finishing off his time at Leeds. It follows in 2014 after Chesterfield’s original 2014 membership in the club. Over the course of a decade, the Scotland star has played an incredible 277 games for Leeds.


However, for a few Leeds players, it feels like the end of an era. The main players who helped Leeds advance under Marcelo Bielsa are gradually leaving the team. The most recent to move to Middlesbrough was Luke Ayling.


Since April 2022, Stuart Dallas has not appeared for the Leeds team, and his contract expires in the summer. In the summer, Cooper’s contract is also scheduled to expire. There are rumours that Stoke City is interested in the defender.


Phil Hay has stated in the past that it is unlikely that Cooper, Dallas, and Ayling will receive new contracts when their present ones expire in June. Cooper has made a decision, according to Hay’s story on The Athletic.


“With all the signs pointing to Cooper’s contract not being renewed in May, it is quite possible that he will follow at some point, if not already. Compared to Ayling, he is more involved under Farke.


“Most of the remaining members of Bielsa’s title-winning team are too far past their prime, but they are present on matchdays, if not regularly in the starting lineup.”

Liam Cooper has decided to depart Leeds free of charge.


Probably the best choice. Despite having played far more than Dallas and Ayling, Cooper is still a great choice for this Leeds team. However, Cooper does not now see quality as the problem.


His inability to maintain his fitness is due to his sporadic game time. With just 12 league games this season, the captain is out once more due to injury. Though keeping him would be ideal, it would be preferable to let him go.


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