January 16, 2024

Pedro Porro was immediately reprimanded by Tim Sherwood at Tottenham Hotspur before he could settle in. and he is now starting his verbal bashing.


The 24-year-old’s first game with the then-Antonio Conte’s Spurs was a game to forget as the squad lost badly to Leicester City.


Tim Sherwood wasn’t shy about his opinions about Pedro Porro, despite the player having only been in the nation for a few weeks.


The former champion went on to say, “I was very critical early doors of Pedro Porro and I still am,” as he told Premier League Productions on January 15, 24 at 5:50 p.m., following Tottenham’s 2-2 tie with Manchester United on Sunday.


Tim Sherwood claims that despite the fact that the £39 million acquisition has been among his team’s finest players thus far this season, “he will let you down” due to his poor defensive play.


The all-action right-back is playing in a system that fits his approach and gives him a lot more opportunities to get forward than he had last season.


Additionally, Ange Postecoglou’s preference for high-level play leaves his fullbacks vulnerable when attempting to defend and track back.


However, Tim Sherwood ignored that when he became angry with the player once more.


Pedro Porro’s protection

“I was and still am a very critical person of Pedro Porro,” Sherwood stated. I don’t believe he makes a good defense.


“As demonstrated in this game as well, he will disappoint you when required to defend.


However, moving forward and expressing yourself, as well as your athleticism, ball handling skills, and passing range, are all excellent. The manager is playing him to his strengths since he is aware of it.


Premier League game between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur

Pedro Porro’s season is going well.

You’ll be exposed at the back because Postecoglou wants the player to play like a number 10 and push as high as possible.


Marcus Rashford discovered over the weekend that the opposition attackers will have plenty of space to work with.


The message from the dugout and the training field would be to press forward instead of backing off, wreak havoc in the last third, and force the opposition to retreat deep into their own half.


And it’s safe to say that this season, the Spurs fullbacks have been performing that feat with incredible skill.

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