January 17, 2024

Given that KAA Gent is now open to a sale, Tottenham may have been given the opportunity to sign summer target Gift Orban for a reduced price.


Het Laatste Nieuws, who cover the player today, claims as much. They also explain how the Belgian team’s decision to hold off on selling in the summer has come back to haunt them.


They clarify that the previous Promise of the Year had the opportunity to move during the summer transfer window. Fulham made a bid after losing Aleksandr Mitrovic, Tottenham was considering a move because its scouts were “convinced,” and Lille prioritized him as a replacement for Jonathan David.


Gent, however, turned down every offer since they didn’t require the proceeds from a sale because they had just received a €11 million capital infusion from new owner Sam Baro.


They requested €30 million from Orban because they believed he could build on his very successful first season and continue to increase in value. However, no club was willing to pay this amount, not even Tottenham with the money from the sale of Harry Kane.

Orban stayed, but he hasn’t had much luck since. With 12 goals in 29 games across all competitions—a significant decline considering he scored 20 in 22 games the previous season—the goal machine has “stalled,” even in training.


His market value has since fallen; according to sites like Transfermarkt, he is currently only worth €15 million, whereas Gent recently quoted €20 million for Eintracht Frankfurt.


The Belgian side is now “open to a sale” in this market, according to HLN, but only if they can locate a replacement first and obtain the correct price.


Tottenham therefore has a chance to maybe acquire their guy. The striker apparently “convinced” their scouts when they saw him the previous season; the only thing holding up a deal was his price.


as however, that number has been decreased, and as their forward line still lacks a true striker, Orban might still meet the requirements and still fit within the budget.


Naturally, his goal ratio decline is concerning, but who better to fire him than Ange Postecoglou, the man who seems to have given the floundering Richarlison team new life?


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