January 17, 2024

Pedro Porro, a defender for Tottenham, responded to Tim Sherwood’s intensification of his previous criticism of his work.


Sherwood, the former manager of Tottenham, has long been critical of Porro’s perceived shortcomings as a defender. Sherwood described Porro as “so bad it’s unbelievable” after the defender made his debut in February of last year.


“I don’t want to keep picking on the kid, but he needs to be relieved of his duties at the moment,” he stated on Sky Sports. Since it’s his debut, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but Pedro Porro is so unbelievably awful.


“Bryan Barnes and Maddison are killing him down the left side; his posture is abhorrent. He lets the ball play in and allows him to run inside of him without even seeing him.”



Having overcome early setbacks, Pedro Porro is now among the top players in the league, Getty Images

Not long after, Porro replied in The Guardian. He stated: “When you read about a player who has only been at the club for two days, it really gets to you because you think, ‘I’m just getting started.'” I sincerely hope that he continues to criticize me since it will only make me stronger.”


“I don’t know him,” he continued. I’m not sure what had transpired to cause him to talk. They spread the word, claiming he had made negative remarks about me. However, he won’t be the only one who had to stop talking after that.”


Sherwood did not close his lips; after witnessing Porro shine during the first few weeks of the season under Ange Postecoglou, he did it again in October, this time singing a different song.


“Dare I say it, but Pedro Porro has done well,” he said to Sky Sports. You know why I didn’t think highly of him? Because he was expected to play the position of right-back and merely defend. It’s not his strongest suit.


“He has a knack for going all out. He moves forward. arrives at the appointed time. hostile. recovers possession of the ball.”


Porro has made an impression at Spurs under his new manager. With eight assists so far this season, the right-back has surpassed all other defenders and set a record for a Spurs player in any Premier League season.


In addition, the right-back has more touches in the opposition box than any other Premier League defender save James Tarkowski of Everton and Destiny Udogie of Spurs.


Sherwood, however, is not persuaded and this week brought up Porro’s prior issues. He said to Premier League Productions, “I was and still am quite critical of Pedro Porro from the beginning. He’s not a strong defender in my opinion.


“As demonstrated in this game [a 2-2 draw against Manchester United], he will disappoint you when required to defend. However, moving forward and expressing yourself, your fitness, ball handling skills, and passing range are all excellent. The management is using him to his full potential because he is aware of this.


This time, Porro posted a laughing and a love heart emoji instead of using an interview with the Guardian to retaliate.

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