February 28, 2024

A Tottenham player stated during the last days of the market to “dream” of a transfer call. Feels a little arrogant given the club’s local press



Italian publication Gazzetta Dello Sport reported earlier on Sunday that Lazio is now interested in signing Bryan Gil of Tottenham Hotspur.


According to reports, the Serie A team may choose to sign the player on loan without having to buy him. This means they may keep him for a short while and may decide to let him go at the conclusion of the campaign if he doesn’t have a stellar first few months.


It sounds like Lazio would be doing everyone a favor by signing the Tottenham star, as reported by Corriere Dello Sport, a publication.


Gil is listed by the site as one of the candidates the Serie A team will need to sign in the next few days. The winger reportedly “dreams” of receiving a call to move there before the transfer window closes because he hasn’t left Spurs yet.


Recall that Lazio considered signing the Tottenham player in June, and that he “may return” to their choices as a winter market latecomer.

Lazio views Gil as an additional option because they have other choices available. It just seems like Tottenham and the winger would be unlikely to agree if they approached the discussions with that mindset. especially considering that the athlete prefers a long-term fix over a brief new loan.

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