March 16, 2024

“…he’ll want to leave”: Prior to the summer window, other elite teams are keeping an eye on the Spurs star.



Spurs fans are getting ready for the impending transfer window and have some possible targets in mind.


There are rumors, meanwhile, that several Spurs players might draw attention from other teams considering possible transfers.


Pape Matar Sarr, a central midfielder, is one such player.


As the summer transfer window draws near, Alan Hutton, a BBC Radio 5 Live analyst and former Spurs defender, thinks that Sarr’s play this season will undoubtedly draw the attention of other teams.


The young Senegalese player has demonstrated his versatility on the field by being a reliable member of Tottenham’s starting lineup whenever he is available.


Sarr performed admirably once more in Spurs’ recent vital away game against Aston Villa, earning manager Ange Postecoglou’s appreciation for his contribution.


Hutton stated in an interview with Tottenham News that he thought the 21-year-old would not be eager to leave the team, particularly at this point in his career when he is having fun and playing his best football at Spurs. Hutton highlighted the team’s excellent environment and the optimistic path the team is taking.


He said:


“I believe that everyone who performs at a high level will have observers.” It is merely a feature of football. He’s arguably playing the best football he has since joining the team. I would only ask, “Why would you want to leave that?”


“He’s a key component of that squad going forward, and even if they don’t win the Champions League, they’re still building and going to get stronger. Since he can see the future and that there is hope, he will want to be a part of it.


“Since the grass isn’t always greener, I believe he would want to stay under Ange. He has clearly been a revelation at Tottenham, as evidenced by the way he plays.


“He will undoubtedly be watched by others, but I don’t think he’ll want to leave.”


Sarr has played in 23 games during his first Premier League season, tallying three goals and three assists, demonstrating his value to the Spurs team.


Says TBH:


It is hardly surprising that other elite teams, like Barcelona, are taking a close look at Sarr.


However, we shouldn’t worry about it excessively. One of the guys Ange truly loves is the one who recently inked a new long-term deal. He is not going to approve his transfer in any way.

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