March 20, 2024

Man City may be “expelled” from the Premier League as the commission that docked Nottingham Forest points affirms that they may be punished for “major” FFP violations.



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Man City may be “expelled” from the Premier League as the commission that docked Nottingham Forest points affirms that they may be punished for “major” FFP violations.

City of Manchester

First Division


Forest of Nottingham


If Manchester City is judged to have violated FFP regulations, they risk “expulsion” from the Premier League.


Everton and Nottingham Forest penalized points for infractions.

115 charges are being brought against Manchester City.

Club may be subject to harsh penalties

Consequently, what happened?

Champions of the Premier League Manchester City and bitter rivals Chelsea have been forewarned that they may be expelled from the English premier league should they be found in violation of Financial Fair Play regulations. City will have its case heard in the fall, with 115 allegations against them. If significant sales are not made this summer, Chelsea might potentially find themselves in hot water as a result of their extravagant spending habits. According to The Sun, the panel that deducted Nottingham Forest four points this week for violating the Profit and Sustainability Rules made plain in their 52-written reasons the kinds of sanctions that could be applied for more significant offenses.




The available sanctions “range from a warning through to expulsion from the Premier League,” according to a report by Robert Glancy KC, sports law expert Mark Hovell, and accounting specialist Steve Holt.


The three said, “It will be up to other Commissions to decide whether any points reduction is appropriate, necessary, or reasonable in the case of a’minor’ PSR infraction.


However, if the infraction is appropriately classified as “major,” it’s possible that even the most severe punishment—such as expulsion—is more suitable.


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Upon hearing about Everton and Forest’s deductions, some pundits have already predicted that City may suffer severely if proven guilty. The Premier League winners could “end up in the National League North,” according to former Liverpool defender and TV pundit Jamie Carragher. Tony Bellew, a boxer and Everton supporter, branded the current state of affairs “a disgrace” and predicted that the Cityzens will be demoted to the Conference.


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Insisting that his team is innocent of the charges, City manager Pep Guardiola has promised to stick with the team even if they are punished and demoted to League One. It has been argued that City might lose their trophies as well if found guilty, but as they are still in the running for the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League, the Manchester team is sure to add more hardware before their case is heard.



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