March 25, 2024

Several new details have been released about Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s TGL – which is set to begin in 2025.


The tech-infused indoor golf league, made for primetime television in the US, was due to kick off earlier this year before its specially-designed arena was badly damaged via storms in the Florida area during November 2023.


Postponing its start date by 12 months has not caused planning to cease or slowed down attempts to build the hype around TGL, though, with plenty of extra information emerging this week.


Due to begin in January 2025 on ESPN, PGA Tour golfer Rickie Fowler explained the basic format and rules of TGL in a minute-long video in which he also revealed some of the league’s added extras – such as the inclusion of a shot clock, a hammer (for each team to raise the stakes), timeouts, a referee, and the revelation that players will be mic’d up at all times.


A further video shared by TGL painted a clearer picture on how exactly each hole will play out while transferring between the giant screen players hit into and the adaptable short-game area.


Each team will tee it up on a real grass tee box and have a maximum of 40 seconds to hit their ball into the 64x46ft simulator screen in front of them. Depending on where their shot lands on screen, they will play their next stroke from one of the fairway, sand, or rough squares which are lined up in a row.



Once the golfers have found ‘the green zone’ – a.k.a. the short-game area – they will move away from the simulator and onto the space the size of four basketball courts to complete the hole, with the shot clock remaining active for every stroke.


Played in two sessions – the first of which is three-on-three alternate shot and the second is singles match play over six different holes – teams score one point for every hole they win.


An overall victory in either regulation or overtime earns each team two points towards their season tally, with just one point for an overtime defeat and nothing for losing in regulation.


At the end of the season, “the top four teams in the standings will advance to the playoffs, which will include single-elimination semi-finals and a β€œbest-of-three” championship.”




Regarding the added extras TGL has introduced in order to increase the entertainment factor, each team will have four timeouts per night, two per session, and they will not carry over into the subsequent format.


According to TGL, the referee will be “a seasoned veteran when it comes to refereeing top athletes in pressure situations” who has “experience with timeouts, shot clocks, and team sports.” They will be joined by a golf rules official in the booth.


Capping off the release of new information, TGL has confirmed that each player will wear a microphone in order to give “unprecedented insight into player strategy and personality” while every single shot will be shown live by ESPN “without exception.”




As well as founders Woods and McIlroy, plus the aforementioned Fowler, talented and entertaining players such as Justin Thomas, Max Homa, and Min Woo Lee make up the current TGL roster.


Jon Rahm announced he would be withdrawing shortly before his switch to LIV Golf, while Tyrrell Hatton also pulled out following his own move.


Only current PGA Tour golfers are expected to be a part of TGL when it eventually begins next year.

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