March 29, 2024

Hole more putts with the help of this simple two-step putting drill.


The world’s finest putters have connected hands and arms throughout the stroke, as can be seen if you observe them. None of the essential components of the stroke have a break point. Everything moves in unison.


Observing casual golfers at the nearby muni will reveal the exact opposite. During the stroke, their wrists become floppy and their arms separate from their shoulders. This makes maintaining consistency difficult.


Being like the pros is always preferable, especially when it comes to putting. They make 88 percent of their looks on average within the money zone of 10 feet, where they are lethal. And excellent technique is a major factor in their success.


Do you want to create the greatest putts in the world? Try this exercise from two-time PGA Tour winner Erik van Rooyen, one of their own.


Two-phase putting exercise

All you need for this practice is your putter and two balls, as you can see in the video above from Mark Immelman.


Find a putt that is about five feet short and set up similarly to how you would on the course. Place the additional ball between your wrist and the putter shaft when you take your setup. Wedge the ball between your lead wrist and the shaft while putting low with your left hand, as van Rooyen did. If not, press it in between the shaft and the trail wrist.


All you have to do from here on out is roll putts. The simple objective is to complete the stroke without allowing the ball to fall out. This will assist you in achieving the correct sensation of a fluid, connected stroke.


Your stroke will be considerably more consistent if you can duplicate this feeling on the course.

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