March 30, 2024

Jon Rahm asked Patrick Reed to give Caleb Surratt some wedge tips, and the former Masters champion went above and beyond.

Golf fans react to Patrick Reed's actions on range with LIV Golf rival

Golf fans have been left impressed with the actions of Patrick Reed after footage emerged of him helping out Caleb Surratt on the practice range during the LIV Golf Hong Kong event earlier this month.

Reed, who plays for Dustin Johnson’s 4Aces GC, was approached by record LIV Golf signing and Legion XII captain Jon Rahm.


The Spaniard asked Reed if he could go over to Surratt on the range and give him some ‘wedge game pointers’.


Surratt recently turned professional.


Rahm’s Legion XII team comprises of Surratt, Tyrrell Hatton and Kieran Vincent.


Johnson’s 4Aces GC features Reed, Harold Varner III and Pat Perez.


Reed then took time away from his own practice session to speak with Surratt.


Golf fans react to Patrick Reed's actions on range with LIV Golf rival

The former Masters champion walked over to Surratt, shook hands with him and said: “If you ever need help with anything just let me know.”


Rahm was watching on.

Surratt insntatly asked for some wedge help, and Reed wasted little time in giving him his best advice.


Reed got Surratt to work on getting his ‘fulcrum point’ over the ball.





As we join the clip, Reed is seen giving Surratt tips on how best to improve his stance on wedge shots, and in particular flop shots and bunker shots.


Reed is heard saying to Surratt: 


“If you go right that way, what happens? That leading edge is going to get out there…”


He then adds:


“If I’m square here, look, that ball position is there. So then my centre of my chest, my centre is behind the ball.


“That’s probably what you do, and you’re there, well, the problem is it doesn’t matter if I go this way or that way, or where the ball is, the club is going to bottom wherever your centre chest is. This is your fulcrum point, so that needs to be over the golf ball.


“So if I’m here, then I have to go there, right? If I’m here, same thing.”


Reed then gives Surratt advice on keeping his legs still on wedge shots.

He then takes out a club and holds it between Surratt’s legs to help him get into position.


Golf fans react to Patrick Reed's actions on range with LIV Golf rival

After watching Surratt play a couple of shots, Reed says to him: “I almost want you to feel as though your right hand, you just let her go…


“We gotta keep this here so you can’t come back into it.”


Surratt hit a shot and they agreed the strike sounded much better.


“See how you came off it and bump right back into it. That’s because you’re wanting to go that way. So you just want to feel like you stay up on that toe.”


Surratt hits another flop shot, and Reed says before walking off: “There you go, a lot better. The strike sounded great too.”


Golf fans react to Patrick Reed's actions on range with LIV Golf rival

A number of golf fans on social media were impressed with the actions of Reed.


One said: “It doesn’t get better than this.”


“Superb from Reed, love to see it,” wrote another.


A fan commented: “Wow this is actually mind blowing the levels of depth and understanding.”


“So nice to watch,” wrote one fan.


Reed and Surratt went on to finish 29th and 38th respectively at LIV Golf Hong Kong earlier this month.


Abraham Ancer won his maiden LIV Golf title in a playoff over Paul Casey and Cameron Smith.

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