April 5, 2024

Tottenham appear to be on track to avoid a “horrendous” financial crisis after the club announced a profit and sustainability (PSR) development.


Spurs revealed its records on Wednesday (3 April), revealing losses of up to £86.8 million in the most recent fiscal year.


Kieran Maguire disclosed on Thursday (4 April)’s The Price of Football podcast that it has increased their losses to almost £260 million over the last three seasons.


The football financial expert noted that people may be asking how Tottenham will be able to reduce that sum to the £105 million limit set by the PSR regulations.


However, he said that the club’s infrastructure costs are currently around £70 million each year, which may be brought back into the overall figure, removing over £220 million from the losses throughout the time.


That means their losses might be as low as £40 million before academy expenses, which are not included in the PSR numbers, implying they could possibly earn a “small profit”.



“On the surface, they appear pretty horrendous because it’s £90 million, but if you look at the losses that Spurs have made over the last three seasons, it’s £260 million,” Maguire stated when questioned about Tottenham’s losses.


“You go, ‘Jesus Christ, how on earth are they going to get down to £105 million?'” But the fundamental issue with Spurs is that they put so much money in the stadium, and their infrastructure expenditures are roughly £70 million per year, resulting in a £260 million deficit.


“But you can add back your infrastructure costs, which will be around £220 million, bringing us down to a PSR loss of £40 million, and that’s before the academy.”


“I think probably on the PSR basis, Spurs are probably breaking even or even making a small profit.”


Daniel Levy will be thrilled with the Tottenham PSR improvement.

That will be good news for Daniel Levy, who is working hard to make Spurs an appealing off-field option for potential investors.


The club is still producing a lot of money, having earned £549.2 million last season, making it the eighth-richest club in the world [Evening Standard].


They earn more than £105 million in match-day revenue each year and have benefited by hosting music concerts, NFL games, and rugby matches at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.


Spurs will also have more transfer market flexibility because they will not have any PSR issues hanging over their heads, which is not the case for many of their Premier League rivals.


While they had a good first season under Ange Postecoglou, they will want to improve this summer and move up the table in the coming season.


Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou

Ange Postecoglou has had a good first season at Tottenham.

The hard work going on behind the scenes to wring out every last bit of extra cash available may provide an extra boost to the Australian’s transfer fund.


If they can also earn a spot in the Champions League this season, it will make their recruitment efforts much easier financially and make them a much more appealing proposition for possible players.


In unrelated Tottenham news, Stan Collymore is correct about the “outrageous” Spurs financial development.

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