April 8, 2024

In his description of his friendship with Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka said the two had had “good talks.”


Although the two were not very close at first, especially when they competed against each other on the PGA Tour, they have since grown close. In an interview for the most recent episode of “Warming Up,” which is sponsored by Golf.com, Koepka mentioned that he likes to joke about with the Northern Irishman.


“Yes, Rory is a great guy,” he remarked. We’ve had some fruitful discussions. We all just chuckle a lot because of the things that happen in golf; sometimes you just have to sit there and take it all in. It’s hilarious because we’ll act in that way when no one else is present.


“If I need to talk to someone, Rory and I are back at Grove [XXIII, their course in South Florida], and I know no one else is there. If you have something to say to me or I have something to say to you, he’ll come over and we can chat.” After Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, the two South Florida natives are the only active players with four or more major championships.


On the LIV Golf circuit, which Koepka joined in June 2022, the two had different opinions. Although he has since softened his opinions of the Saudi-backed league, McIlroy was one of the major opponents of the breakaway circuit. Koepka continued by describing McIlroy as a role model and someone he looked up to during the early 2010s, when the 34-year-old was winning major championships and he was rising through the ranks.


“I believe that, particularly from the years I was first emerging, from ’12 to ’16, it would be incorrect to use the word ‘idolized.'” However, I did hold him in some regard,” Koepka continued. At the time, McIlroy was making a name for himself as a multiple major champion by fighting his way through the Challenge Tour, DP World Tour, and finally the PGA Tour.


At The Masters, McIlroy and Koepka will battle for supremacy.


Koepka continued, “and trying to figure out, okay, that’s how he goes about it.” “I think that selecting guys was one thing I did pretty well. Because he was playing so well at the time, Rory, Dustin Johnson, and Graham McDowell were all mentioned. It was, all right, take a few bits from this man here, this guy, and claim it as your own.


However, throughout time, our friendship has only grown closer. Playing against and with him has been fun for me. He’s probably committed the same offense. But, dude, it’s really enjoyable. We work out at the same location. reside in the same locality. How were you unable to? In 2024, McIlroy and Koepka will each contend for the Masters championship. At the competition, both athletes are vying for their first championship.


In 2023, the American came in second to winner Jon Rahm; in 2019, Woods won his 15th major championship. “I don’t know, obviously chances are pretty good,” Koepka responded when asked about his prospects of succeeding at Augusta. There are numerous talented players. How many guys are in the field is unknown to me. About ninety, is that right? roughly 90 [this year it’s 88]. Thus, it’s likely that you received, say, 15%.”

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