April 18, 2024

Golf fans on X praised Brooks Koepka as “a great sport” following his amusing chat with Caleb Pressley of Barstool Sports.


Pressley is an American blogger and podcaster, in case you didn’t know.


For his YouTube channel Sundae Conversation, he conducts interviews with celebrities and professional athletes on a daily basis.


Pressley’s most recent ‘victim’ was five-time major champion Koepka, who mostly maintained a straight face during the three-minute Q&A.


Tiger Woods was mentioned in the first question. Koepka, 33, responded, “He’s a good dude,” when asked if he had ever met him.


Then he inquired: “Did you tell him when you met him that when he was going through the hardest part of his life when he was doing all of that stuff with the waitresses that you and your friends were probably laughing and making some funny jokes about him?”


Pressley was alluding to the 2009 revelation that Woods, who is currently 48 years old, was a chronic cheater.


After discovering that Woods had cheated on her, Elin Nordegren, his ex-wife, used a golf club to chase him out of the house.


The renowned golfer crashed into some bushes, struck a fire hydrant, and then struck a tree after jumping into his 2009 Escalade to escape an enraged Nordegren.


Tiger Woods Tiger Woods, who had taken Vicodin, was unconscious for six minutes and was fading in and out of consciousness with lacerations on his lips when the police came.


That signaled the start of Woods’ precipitous decline from favor.


Koepka responded to Pressley’s query with three words: “No, I did not.”


Then a zinger took him off guard.


“Why aren’t there more brothers on Tour?” Pressley enquired.


“We’ve got Harold Varner,” Koepka said, mentioning his colleague from LIV Golf.


“Isn’t your brother on tour?” Pressley asked. Oh, I see now. I apologize for misinterpreting what you and I were discussing. We can remove that. We refuse to.”


See the entire conversation below:

Sundae Conversation with @BKoepka and @calebpressley.

Presented by @MountainDew Baja Blast pic.twitter.com/rNWG6Q1mdA


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