April 29, 2024

Kevin Na goes nuts in explosive F-bomb rant at LIV Golf Adelaide!

“One of us!” Kevin Na completely loses his cool in the final round at LIV Golf Adelaide.


Kevin Na had a strop of the year contender in Adelaide

Kevin Na was caught firing a number of F-bombs during a horror show in the sand on the par-5 9th in the final round of LIV Golf Adelaide.


It is arguably a strop of the year contender, and you can watch it by scrolling below…


Na, 40, trudged down the left flank of the hole to find his ball semi-plugged in the waste area.


‘F***ing bulls**t’, said Na as he contemplated his options on how best to play the shot.


As Na pulled out a club, a fan can be heard saying: ‘Deep breaths’.


Na initially considered hitting the shot sideways back to the fairway but he then decided to try thread the needle by playing it through the trees in front of him.


After Na’s caddie got the fans to move out the way, the five-time PGA Tour winner chunked his shot some 10 yards in front of him.


Cue a second ‘f***ing bulls**t’, only this time with much more authority.


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An angry Na then stormed over to his ball as his caddie followed in behind.


The American then struck his bag and added a third ‘absolutely ‘f***ing bulls**t’ as he pulled out a different club.


‘One of us’, a fan can be heard saying as Na steps in to play the shot.


Na then proceeded to strike the tree in front of him and the ball dropped straight down to the cries of ‘ahhhhhhh’.


Without any hesitation, the Iron Heads GC captain walked into the next shot and finally chipped it out onto the fairway.


Out came another F-bomb as the video ends.


The video, which you can watch below, had 2011 Valero Texas Open vibes about it when Na famously went on to make a 16.


Thankfully this time around, Na went on to make a seven.


Na finished the week on 8-under par in T34.




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