May 4, 2024

According to Phil Mickelson, a peace deal between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour is “not necessary.” After being the first well-known figure to publicly endorse the Saudi-funded league in 2022, Mickelson has found himself in the middle of a rift within the professional golf community.


Since then, a wide range of celebrities have chosen to emulate Mickelson, including Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Jon Rahm, all of whom have committed to the LIV arrangement. As a result, breakaway league competitors are no longer permitted to participate on the PGA Tour.


But when the PGA Tour announced a startling framework agreement with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) last June, it seemed as though tensions with LIV would be coming to a stop.


Nevertheless, after eleven months of talks, neither party has signed a contract. At first, it was confirmed that a December 31 deadline was established in order to complete the peace treaty; but, by the end of 2023, this date had been missed.

Though negotiations are still continuing on after five months, Mickelson doesn’t think the two competing tours have to coincide. At LIV Singapore, he told Bloomberg TV, “The competition that both tours are providing is elevating both tours.” “Is a merger absolutely necessary? Most likely not. However, it would be advantageous if there was no animosity.


The six-time major champion has spoken his opinions on the direction of the professional game before; during his Wednesday pre-tournament press conference, he discussed LIV’s future intentions. And even if the situation is still unclear, Mickelson thinks the Saudi-backed series will keep bringing in well-known players.


Phil Mickelson talked about LIV Golf’s future.

Regarding LIV Golf’s future, Phil Mickelson spoke.

“I believe that a lot of things will happen in the next five to ten years.” “I am extremely optimistic and thrilled about the implications for LIV Golf,” he said. Plus, there’s a whole lot of unknown. One thing I am certain of, though, is that each year the players will get better and better.


“I believe that players and fans will continue to be excited by our potential and the locations we move to throughout the world… I believe that golf is expanding at a very rapid rate on a global scale. Everyone playing the game should be excited about that, in my opinion, because it will allow us to enter markets that we haven’t yet.


“I think it’s going to inspire more golf courses, inspire more manufacturers selling clubs and equipment, but also inspiring young kids to try to play golf professionally.” Regarding his own future, Mickelson revealed that he was closer to the finish of his career than the beginning with the former PGA Tour player.


In an interview with Bloomberg, he revealed that retirement might not be far off: “At 53, I believe my career is nearing its conclusion if I’m telling the truth.” I now want to assist others in experiencing the same joy and fulfillment that playing golf has brought to me.

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