May 10, 2024

Prior to his impending matchup with Oleksandr Usyk, Tyson Fury has provided an update on his injuries. After suffering a cut during practicing, the WBC heavyweight champion withdrew from his first fight against the Ukrainian earlier this year.


The fight between Fury and Usyk, which was originally slated to take place on Saturday, February 17, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will now happen on Saturday, May 18. Following Lennox Lewis’s victory over Evander Holyfield in 1999, there will be a heavyweight champion crowned for the first time in more over 20 years.


With the upcoming fight night, Fury has flaunted his physique. The boxer from Wythenshawe, who is from England, posted a picture of himself in the undies on Instagram and wrote, “Undisputed incoming [100 emoji and green tick emoji] 18/5/24.”


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In just six hours, his post received nearly 2,000 comments and over 100,000 likes as it rapidly went viral. Tyson’s right eye was gashed during training earlier this year, but he displayed no signs of bruising or scarring surrounding it.


Paris Fury was taken aback to learn that his bout with Usyk in February would need to be postponed. She posted the following on her Instagram story: “Because I wasn’t there with him, my whole body was trembling with anxiety as he showed me this cut. He sounded really unhappy and pissed off, but this is boxing, which is a risky sport, so these things do happen.”



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A few months later, Fury is prepared to square off against Usyk. A recent interview with Queensberry Promotions revealed that the Gypsy King gave his opponent a ton of praise.


Fury, cited by the Mirror, declared, “Oleksandr Usyk’s a real bad man and to underestimate Usyk you’d be a mug.” “I’m doing everything I can to prepare for him, including intense training. Usyk has my respect as a man.


“I also admire his achievements as an Olympic champion, a unified heavyweight champion, and an undefeated cruiserweight champion. I’m battling the real deal, so you have to respect that. I’m excited about the task.


“He’s a southpaw with strong boxing skills, good footwork, and sound technical technique. He’s defeated Daniel Dubois and Anthony Joshua, proving he can compete with the great heavyweights.”


“I’m messing with an elite fighter who’s got more than just boxing ability,” Fury continued. Like me, he is obstinate and wants to succeed. Putting all skill and qualities aside, the winner on the night will be the one who wants it the most.


“He will prevail if his want for it outweighs mine, and I will triumph if my desire outweighs his. I simply believe that on this particular night, my resolve and willpower will outweigh his.”


Later this month, Fury will have the opportunity to make history. “It would be amazing to win them all back again,” he stated. For the first time in twenty-five years, to unite them all under one roof…


Since then, a number of heavyweight champions have failed to emerge victorious. Especially for heavyweight boxing, it’s an extremely unique occasion with two undefeated champions and all the belts on the line.”


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