May 19, 2024

The basin has been filled with water, and the 34 pneumatic chamber machines have produced the first artificial waves.


Endless Surf, a wave generation technology powered by WhiteWater, is making its grand debut with a stadium-sized surf lagoon in the capital of Bavaria.


SurfTown MUC is a 180-meter-long wave pool featuring four different surf zones, each allowing a maximum of 16 surfers simultaneously.


It’s over 50 percent longer in length than a football pitch.


The one-hour sessions guarantee a minimum of 12 wave ride attempts per surfer.


The Munich wave pool will be open seven days a week, all year round.


During summer, it opens at 7 am and closes at 10 pm. In winter, only extreme weather conditions may force closures.


The non-heated water temperature will be around 24 °C (75 °F) in the warm season and potentially below 10 °C (50 °F) in wintertime.



Up to 2.1-meter Waves

There are seven different wave heights for seven different experience levels. They are:


First-timer: 0.5 meters;

Rookie: 0.7 meters;

Progressive: 1.0 meters;

Intermediate: 1.4 meters;

Advanced: 1.7 meters;

Expert: 1.9 meters;

Pro: 2.1 meters;

Surfers choosing levels from First-timer to Advanced will be coached and/or guided by staff into the human-made wave.


They will provide safety, support, and technical guidance.


Whenever a surfer completes a ride, they have two ways to return to the central lineup, both of which are located on the outer limits of the wave pool.


The technology developed by Endless Surf generates all the types of waves found in the ocean, the natural environment.


There are barrels, air sections, mellow longboarding ripples, two point breaks, and a challenging A-frame peak.


The left and right point breaks create an 18-second long wave that peels across the entire wave pool length, with multiple workable sections.


The A-frame zone features a central peak that allows surfers to go left or right in waves running along the generator.


There are also two warm-up areas where surfers can prepare, stretch, gear up, and have safety briefings.


O2 SurfTown MUC: the wave pool features four different surf zones, each allowing a maximum of 16 surfers simultaneously | Photo: SurfTown MUC


Sustainable From Birth to Operation

Sustainability was and is at the core of SurfTown MUC operation.


The mega-structure was built near good, existing public transport connections in a non-conservation area.


The wave pool is connected to a photovoltaic park and uses stored energy at night and on days of little sun exposure.


The planned degree of self-sufficiency is a minimum of 80 percent.


The closed-water system uses less chlorine than standard swimming pools, and the cooling and heating of the main building uses geothermal energy.


The maintenance of the lagoon’s water does not require emptying and refilling, and the wave generation is adapted to the real-time usage and capacity.


The presale 10, 25, and 50 surf session packages sold out, with prices of €749, €1,699, and €2,899, respectively.


The single, presale A-frame surf session costs €79.

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