May 17, 2024

I sang his praises last week but I’m fed up with Ange Postecoglou now.


A run of five defeats in six games has turned Tottenham’s Aussie autocrat firmly to the dark side – and with Jurgen Klopp stepping down as the Premier League’s unholy scowling overlord in a couple of days, not a moment too soon.



Showing signs of early onset Mourinhofication, in the space of a few months he’s gone from magnetic to moody, from hilarious to just plain lairy, and has even started throwing his players under the bus to save his own thick, crocodilian hide.

Now he’s taking swipes at the fans for thinking that stopping Arsenal winning the title is a bit more interesting than making Aston Villa wait another game week to confirm fourth spot.


People say Spurs have had a mentality problem for the past few years. Nah nah. They’ve had a whinge-bag manager problem.


Sod off, Gunner-powder plotters

Fans who set fireworks off outside team hotels are trash. They’re the lowest of the low, like Sheffield United’s goal difference, or Kyle Walker’s morals.


Nothing says I’m an obnoxious sleazebag with more ASBOs than brain cells like spaffing £500 up the wall on a bunch of sparklers and Catherine wheels in the hopes of costing complete strangers three or four minutes of shut eye.


Arsenal fans were the latest to engage in this anti-social dross outside Man City’s hotel on Monday night. The only trouble was, City didn’t get down to London ’till Tuesday, which is as hilarious a f*** up as buying Kai Havertz to play him in central midfield.


Those numpties would have been better off putting that money towards Ben White’s next teeth-polishing appointment, or better yet, a little plastic hat for Mikel Arteta and that Lego head of his.


Badge-avoiders are so cringe

I can’t stand this new trend of players refusing to walk on other clubs’ badges [air quotes] out of respect. Regular Brent A Gob readers will know that swipes at Rio Ferdinand and Jude Bellingham happen as frequently as Micah Richards prolapses with laughter. To me, they’re both irritating posers, so naturally they’ve both done the badge thing.


‘Ferdy’, as he insists on calling himself on social media despite being a bloke in his mid-40s, went to the trouble of handing someone his phone to catch the ‘candid’ moment he nearly trod on a gigantic Real Madrid badge at the Bernabeu.




Bellingham meanwhile skirted a Man City badge when he clocked the camera that was ogling him up at the Etihad, despite the fact it covered 95% of the doorway he was cock of the walking through.


It’s obvious this has nothing to do with respect and everything to do with being an attention-seeking pillock. Why do we have to treat bits of carpet with respect anyway? This isn’t friggin’ Aladdin.

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