May 20, 2024

Bryson DeChambeau dazzled the fans at Valhalla on PGA Championship Sunday on his way to finishing runner-up. But he also had a run-in with one of them in the middle of his final round. And for good reason.


A video captured by a fan shows that as DeChambeau made the turn and headed to the back nine in the hunt, he tossed a golf ball to a kid in the crowd. But apparently, some older jabroni snagged it and tried to run off with it. And Bryson, rightfully, wasn’t about to let that stand.


He stopped and headed over to the gallery rope pointing his long putter in the direction of the fan and yelling, “HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!” Seeing what was unfolding, another fan yelled, “Give that ball back!” And then after the thief did give it back, that fan added, “Man for the people!” Have a look and listen:


🚨🗣️🏃 Bryson DeChambeau tossed a boy his ball on his way to the 10th tee but it got intercepted by an older man… Bryson yelled at the man until he retuned it to the boy


Pretty heroic from Bryson—especially in the heat of battle. We’re guessing that’s the kind of fan who would knock over a child to get an autograph. Sickening behavior.


Anyway, we’re glad to see the rightful person got that ball. And he looked pretty darn happy:



And after his round, Bryson signed a bunch of autographs and even gave his hat away to a another young man:



Well played, Bryson. Oh, and well played on the course as well.

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