May 27, 2024

Brooks Koeopk’s wife Jena Sims has revealed how some of golf’s top superstars met their long-term partners.


Sims, 35, has sometimes been criticised for publicly stating that she approached Koepka via DMs on Instagram. The pair began chatting in 2015 and were married seven years later, with Sims giving birth to their son last July.


Their relationship has previously been documented on an episode of the Netflix series Full Swing. Sims has admitted that she receives criticism from onlookers for seeking out Koepka on social media but insists that Koepka is not the only golf star to tie the knot after initially connecting with their partner online.


“I’ve had a lot of crap for telling the world that I slid into his DMs because it’s like I went after him,” Sims said on The Scoop with Claire Rogers.


People like to just skip to judgements about that but Brooks, he’s special. He’s got no game, like, he would never come up to me in a bar! He’ll look me in my eye and be like, ‘I cannot believe we’re married now and you literally slid into my DMs.


“You know what, I’ve talked to a couple of other girls – I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus – but some of the women who are married to top five, top 10 players in the world also slid into their husbands’ DMs. I’m just the only one who talks about it publicly.”


Koepka and Sims first met in person when the former PGA Championship winner spotted his future wife in the crowd during the 2015 Masters. It proved to be a whirlwind moment for Sims, who was quickly introduced to Koepka’s family.


Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims during the Par Three Contest at Augusta in 2022

“I slid into his DMs in 2015. We were chatting for a couple of months because the season was in full swing,” Sims explained. “I’m from [Georgia] so I had a friend who had Masters tickets. I just told Brooks, ‘I’m going to be here, this would be a great opportunity for us to meet’. So I guess I made the first two moves!


“I think it was the Thursday round and I was there. I found him and he spotted me. This was during the tournament play, between holes seven and eight, and he reached over the ropes and hugged me.


“Even the crowd around me was like, ‘Oh my God, who is she? I can’t believe he just stopped the tournament play to meet you’. That night – this is crazy – I met his entire family! We weren’t even dating, that was our first interaction.”

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