May 28, 2024

Carissa Moore is one of the 18 ambassadors selected by French fashion house Dior to represent the brand at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The five-time world champion surfer ranks among the elite group of sportswomen chosen for the marketing campaign put out by the luxury label.


The publicity stunt features the female athletes in creative scenarios and poses.


Moore, 31, was shot by photographer Lindsay Ellary riding a pair of scissors and getting barreled inside a navy blue velvet fabric, tarp surfing-style.


Dior has also featured French skateboarder Louise-Aïna Taboulet in the photo series, which will be displayed at Le Café Dior in La Galerie Dior in Paris from July 24 to September 9, 2024.


Louise-Aïna Taboulet: the French skateboarder also wears the Dior hooded anorak | Photo: Dior


High-Fashion Riding

As part of the advertising campaign to mark the announcement of the new ambassadors, Dior presented its alternative version of the sports uniform and several noticeable elements, such as a branded bicycle, skateboard, and tennis racket.


The list of Paris 2024 ambassadors includes:


Elaine Thompson-Herah (Jamaica);

Alex Morgan (USA);

Carissa Moore (USA);

Louise-Aïna Taboulet (FRA);

Rossella Fiamingo (ITA);

Alice Volpi (ITA);

Arianna Errigo (ITA);

Beatrice Vio Grandis (ITA);

Andreea Mogos (ITA);

Loredana Trigilia (ITA);

Emma McKeon (AUS);

Misaki Emura (JAP);

Estelle Mossely (FRA);

Sara Balzer (FRA);

Clarisse Agbégnénou (FRA);

Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA);

Pauline Déroulède (FRA);

Marie Patouillet (FRA);


The surfer and the skateboarder wear the brands’ €3,400 hooded anorak that is part of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s collections, and the €1,690 D-Unit ankle boots.


Carissa Moore is the most successful Hawaiian female surfer of all time. She retired from professional surfing in 2024 to focus on her personal life.


Moore won the women’s first-ever Olympic surfing medal in Tokyo 2020.


The Paris 2024 Olympics at Teahupoo will be her last appearance at an international competition.


Carissa announced her collaboration with Dior in March 2024.


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