June 4, 2024

Ian Poulter’s fury with British Airways after he experienced a bit of luggage difficulty on his way to LIV Golf Houston prompted a fairly unsympathetic response.

The Englishman was on his way to compete in the breakaway tour’s eighth event of the 2024 campaign when he was informed his golf clubs wouldn’t be making the journey.

For Poults, the news was all the more frustrating given he was three hours into his flight.

“FFs @british_airways,” he blasted on Instagram. “So disappointing. I checked in two hours and 30 minutes before the flight. What could possibly be the excuse?

“[I] just received the email three hours into the flight. I wouldn’t have bothered flying if you’re not sending my golf clubs. [I] can’t swing fresh air.”

Poulter added to his stories a short time later, this time with a grumpy selfie.

“Talk about p—ed off,” he wrote, adding that the bag wasn’t overweight and he watched it go down the belt.

Ian Poulter fumes
Ian Poulter fumes
Ian Poulter wasn't happy
Ian Poulter wasn’t happy

This isn’t the first time Poulter has fumed at an airline.

Way back in 2014, he was ridiculed after going on a rant about his nanny being downgraded to business class, leaving his wife Katie to look after their children all alone.

Oh, the humanity!

For his part, Poulter defended his comments back then.

“It looks like I am being a stuck up snob,” he previously wrote. “But what is wrong with getting what you have paid for? I ordered a steak. Sorry you can have tomato.”

Poulter was ridiculed for his latest complaint.

Ian Poulter
Ian Poulter

“No one cares,” one X user wrote.

“All that LIV money and he’s gotta fly like you and I going to Myrtle Beach for a golf buddies trip. Tough life.”

Another said: “Is there anything you won’t complain about?”

Poulter, once again, defended himself with the same analogy.

“It’s big news though,” he joked. “It’s like ordering a steak and getting a lettuce leaf.

“Looks like most of the folks on here would just eat the lettuce and say thank you and give them a tip.”

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