June 8, 2024

Everton’s former chief Keith Wyness has claimed Man City are set to fail in their legal challenge against the Premier League.


Speaking on the new edition of Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast, the 66-year-old – who served as CEO at Goodison Park between 2004 and 2009 and now runs a football consultancy advising elite clubs – claimed the process is a “distraction” from their alleged 115 financial breaches.


Man City have launched unprecedented legal action against the Premier League in an attempt to end Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules – which the club claims are unlawful.


City, who feel they are victims of “tyranny of the majority”, seek the scrapping of these rules in a two-week hearing starting on 10 June.


Man City legal challenge tipped to fail by ex-Premier League CEO

Wyness claimed it would be “very hard” for an arbitrator to reverse rules which have been in place for 32 years.


He told Football Insider‘s Insider Track podcast: “I don’t think they’re going to be successful with this new challenge.


“It’s based around competition law, and it’ll be very hard for the arbitrator to come out and say that the rules which have been in place since 1992 are anti-competitive.


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“They use the phrase ‘tyranny of the majority’, referring to the fact that two-thirds of the clubs have to vote something through.


“I just don’t get that. It sounds like democracy, a very fair way to do it. And that’s been proven over years, producing the best league in the world.


“I don’t think the arbitrator will find against the Premier League at this stage.


“But it’s going to take up more resources, more time, and distract from the 115 charges City face.


“My cynical view is that it’s a distraction from those charges.


Man City


“It’s a very dangerous road they’re going down. It’s exploding the whole voting system in the Premier League.


“It really is a frustrating position to be in.”


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