June 8, 2024

St Andrews Links Trust has condemned a golfer who took a shot from outside the town’s Dunvegan Hotel and onto the 18th green at the Old Course.

Wyatt Messmer posted the footage, which shows him play his iron shot from the footpath in the street. The shot then clears a row of houses before the camera follows the player as he makes his way to the course, where he finds the ball on the green.

The footage was widely shared on social media, where it was met with a mixed reaction, with some commenting on the accuracy of the shot, but others criticizing the action.

Now, The Trust has released a statement on the footage, which reads: “This is an irresponsible and reckless act which shows disregard for the safety of both public and property. This kind of behaviour is not welcome at the Home of Golf and we would discourage anyone from repeating it.”

Another to condemn the stunt was Conservative councillor Robin Lawson. Per The Courier, he said: “These stunts seem like a bit of fun but the consequences can be awful. Lots could go wrong and even if you hit a perfect shot there’s still the chance of hitting someone on the green. It’s certainly not something I condone and it’s best to keep golf to the golf course.”

It’s not the first time it has been attempted. Ernie Els supposedly hit a shot from the same location one day in the early hours after some drinks in the hotel, while in 2022, Australian pro Harrison Crowe was videoed taking on the stunt for filmmaker Erik Anders Lang of Random Golf Club.

As for the latest golfer to try the stunt, his Instagram bio currently reads: “Banned from St Andrews because I hit a controversial golf shot.”

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