June 11, 2024

At the Canadian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton turned a “out of this world” lap that completely stunned Toto Wolff.


Mercedes secured the results to go along with their greatest weekend of the year in Montreal. With a few circuits remaining, George Russell took the third position on the podium, one spot ahead of Hamilton, who had been passed by his teammate.


Throughout the weekend, the Silver Arrows demonstrated speed, indicating that their vehicle improvements are now paying off. Chief executive officer Wolff expressed special satisfaction with Hamilton’s performance during the weekend’s last practice session.


The Austrian stated, using the data of the seven-time Formula One champion: “Lewis completed a lap in FP3 that was unbelievable. That happened so quickly. His long run was then galactic and stratospheric. There was therefore a lot of pace.”



Regarding the fight between George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff is rather obvious.


Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are not the best drivers in Formula One, according to Red Bull CEO.


Mercedes has long been unable to match Red Bull as a competition. The defending champions have been challenged in recent weeks by teams like McLaren and Ferrari, and there was a lot of evidence on display in Montreal that suggested the Silver Arrows would soon be able to join that group.


“I was already stating on Thursday to some of your colleagues that I think Mercedes is part of the fastest teams,” McLaren head Andrea Stella stated, indicating that he is undoubtedly concerned. Some of the lap times they recorded in Monaco and the other events were out of reach for us at that point in the weekend.


Even with low petrol and the engine running, we were not able to complete that lap time during the weekend. They had talent, no doubt about it, and I believe they’re beginning to realise it.”


Andrea Stella, the principal of the McLaren team, on the pit wall at the Canadian Grand Prix

Andrea Stella has observed the advancements made by Mercedes.


Even though both Mercedes drivers performed well in Canada, they both had a bad taste in their mouths. Russell told reporters that he had “made a few of mistakes out there pushing to the edge and paid the price for it” after he apologised to his teammates over the radio for a “ugly” race.


Hamilton, who was just a hair off the podium, bemoaned “one of the worst races I’ve ever driven.” Wolff remarked, “Three and four is considerably better than what we had in the last few races,” believing that the two Brits were being hard on themselves.


“Perhaps that is why there is still a bad feeling; both drivers noticed that there was more to be had and we could have gained a position or two. They most likely would have accepted it if you had offered them third and fourth before the weekend.”

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