December 9, 2023

The Fan Advisory Board reports that Everton has communicated with Sky Sports regarding their coverage of the Thursday night matchup against Newcastle.


On December 8, the group said on Twitter that they had spoken with the club and were “informed” that the Toffees had already held discussions with the broadcaster.


Due to another planned supporter protest against the Premier League and the points deduction, which implied they were a possible source of “trouble”, fans are upset that Sky Sports chose to report from the Wirral rather than around Goodison Park prior to the game.


Check Out This Tweet.


“Many thanks to our fellow Evertonians who have contacted us regarding SKY’s reporting ahead of our home fixture against Newcastle last night,” the Fan Advisory Board wrote.


“We have communicated with the club, who has informed us that they have reached out to SKY to address this matter, and we share their concerns.”


Incorrect message


Regardless of how this situation came about, it needs to be addressed because it is unfair to portray Everton supporters as a threat to public safety in the absence of solid evidence.


Fans are already furious about the magnitude of the 10-point Premier League deduction and the process that led up to it, so the situation is one of heightened emotions.


Additionally, the fact that Sky Sports chose not to air the protest banner that was flown over the Manchester City vs. Liverpool game two weekends ago along with what seemed like a weak justification afterwards gives the impression that the supporters are being ignored at best and demonized at worst.




Even though Sky Sports is a sports news outlet and the game was streamed on Amazon Prime, the protest itself seemed worthy of being covered before the game started.


Fortunately, the action on the field proved to be exactly what the fans had hoped for, as a 3-0 victory over the Magpies secured what is likely the best result of the season.


Even though it seemed like they had been unfairly made to look bad before the game, goals from Dwight McNeil, Abdoulaye Doucouré, and Beto secured the points and gave the supporters in the stands something to cheer about.

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